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  1. My last Post for Skumminity, i will quit Skum
  2. This is not the Source Code. but just the tool
  3. I saw this tool on b.to and i removed the auth. Enjoy Skidding.
  4. ENJOY SKIDDING! (TO RIDON599, 20 euro then we will Stop) Credits to @Akiko For helping
  5. Biggest retard 2020. Grabbing people shit fucking bastard
  6. imagine reuploading something from piratebay
  7. Spotify checker by DJR Cracked by me
  8. What time zone are you in? Gmt +2 What country do you live in? Belguim What languages do you speak? Vlaams,English How old are you? 16 Why would you want to work with skumminty? Because i am bored And I can make the Forum a lot safer by reversing programs to make sure there are no viruses. Why do you think you should become a mod? i have experience with forums and I now have a forum myself. How long can you be active on the server everyday? uh 4 hour Do you have any past experience as a moderator? Ye i got my own Forum and Discord server. Will you be able to post Good threads on skumminity? Yea i can reverse some programs for skum and make some checkers. Whats your discord tag? (Graizy#7133) Vanix#3750
  9. Hmmm.... This report tool is probaly not more working. but i am bored and lets reverse this tool
  10. @kekskiller007 Bruh why would i put a virus inside lmao i post this also on my own forum
  11. Cracked by Vanix(me)
  12. The most nonsensical crack everz Cracked by Vanix (me)
  13. Proxy scraper cracked by Vanix (me)
  14. This garbage token checker is cracked by Vanix (me)
  15. Streambotter Cracked by Vanix (me)
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