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  4. Necesito, probarlo a ver que tal!, espero que vaya bien
  5. Moderator Application What time zone are you in? GERMANY What country do you live in? GERMANY What languages do you speak? German, english & a little bit of Minecraft enchartment Table How old are you? 18 Why would you want to work with skumminty? I'm bored and need some new friends + I'm lonely and depressed Why do you think you should become a mod? Because I have so much time bruh and reply instantly How long can you be active on the server everyday? 5 - 10 hours with breaks Do you have any past experience as a moderator? Multiple cheat p
  6. i will check this out
  7. Holy cow. This looks insane. Thanks sooo much bro. Can't wait to test
  8. ayy thanks man apreciation has been sent to you
  9. thanks you for share the stuff now i go check
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